Our approach

LSF works closely with key stakeholder in the country and across the region, including government, developing partners, private sector, Civil Society Organization, various local and regional networks and like-minded organizations.

Grant Making

At LSF, we are dedicated to making a meaningful impact on communities and organizations. We achieve this through our two-pronged approach: direct project implementation, complemented by our robust grant-making. Our commitment to transparency, accountability, and empowerment defines everything we do.

Direct Implementation: We believe in rolling up our sleeves and getting involved on the ground. Our team spearheads projects and advocacy campaigns aimed at creating lasting positive change. We are passionate about making a difference where it counts.

Grant Making: We have established a state-of-the-art grant management system, making it easier than ever for partners to apply for and receive grants. Our process is transparent, beginning with a call for proposals, rigorous application review, and meticulous assessments of organizational capacity and due diligence. This ensures that grants are awarded to the most qualified recipients.

Our Impact:

Annually, we manage funds exceeding $5 million USD, collaborating with over 200 organizations that directly benefit from these resources. We are proud of our track record of transforming communities, organizations, and lives.

Accountability and Transparency:

We take accountability and transparency seriously. To maintain the highest standards, we conduct annual external and internal audits for our organization and all our partners. We believe that this commitment to integrity is essential in building trust and driving meaningful change.