Our approach

LSF works closely with key stakeholder in the country and across the region, including government, developing partners, private sector, Civil Society Organization, various local and regional networks and like-minded organizations..

Learning and Research

At LSF, we place a strong emphasis on learning and research as fundamental drivers of our mission. We believe in rigorously establishing what works and what doesn't. To achieve this, we engage in piloting different approaches and systematically monitor the progress and outcomes of our partners. This invaluable data informs the direction of our programs, ensuring that they are effective and responsive to the needs of those we serve.

We view ourselves as stewards of public accountability, committed to contributing to the knowledge base of legal aid, education, and empowerment in the context of access to justice. To achieve this, we maintain a diverse spectrum of professional communication channels. Through these channels, we share insights, best practices, and research findings, fostering a community of learning and collaboration that extends beyond our organization.

At LSF, learning and research are not just principles; they are the foundation upon which we build our initiatives, striving for continuous improvement and a greater impact on the lives of the communities and individuals we serve.