Our approach

LSF works closely with key stakeholder in the country and across the region, including government, developing partners, private sector, Civil Society Organization, various local and regional networks and like-minded organizations..

Capacity Building

Capacity development is an integral part of our work, wherein we provide institutional and technical support to our partners and the sector at large. Our capacity building initiatives are meticulously tailored to address the unique needs of individual organizations within our network. We place a strong emphasis on key areas such as program implementation, financial management, resource mobilization, sustainability, governance, and organizational structure. Our goal is not only to enhance these aspects but also to closely monitor and document their impact.

We offer comprehensive training opportunities, available both in-person and online through the Haki Yangu App. Legal aid providers can enroll in a diverse range of courses designed to strengthen their skills and knowledge. Upon successful completion, participants are awarded certificates to recognize their achievements.