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We are an independent basket fund promoting justice for all

Legal Services Facility (LSF) is a basket fund established in 2011 as a non-profit organization that strives to increase access to justice for all, in particular for women through a legal empowerment approach. The LSF channels its funding on an equal opportunity basis to organizations which provide legal aid and paralegal services on Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar.

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We focus on delivering in 4 key areas

In order to streamline our efforts for maximum results and the highest social return on investment, The Legal Services Facility commits to substantive progress on well formulated outcomes in each of 4 result areas as mentioned below:

  • Increasing accessibility of quality legal aid services to the marginalized groups in particular women and girls.
  • Promoting legally-empowered communities, in particular women, girls and marginalized groups.
  • Enhancing a conducive environment for sustainable access to justice.
  • Institutional development and sustainability of LSF and the legal aid sector.
Accessible legal aid

Can citizens conveniently access legal aid?

Empowered Communities

Are communities aware of and exercising their rights?

Conducive Environment

How conducive is it to exercise one’s rights?

Institutional Sustainability

Can the legal aid system and the providers sustain themselves?


disbursed as grants
supported groups
legal aid beneficiaries
legal education beneficiaries

Paralegals fight for the rights

of women and little children.

Beneficiaries Say