Paralegal Forum Zanzibar, 3 and 4 June 2014

Realize Your Constitutional Right for Qualified Legal Aid

The Legal Services Facility (LSF) is a not-for-profit organization which manages a basket fund, presently supported by DANIDA and DFID. The fund is created to channel funding on an equal opportunity basis to organizations, which are providing legal aid and paralegal services on Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar, who through these services assist individuals to claim their rights, redress grievances, and who protect fundamental human rights of the individual.

Which organizations can apply for funding?

The LSF regularly issues ‘Calls for Proposals' or opens ‘Windows of Opportunity' to invite organizations to submit their applications. A “Call” or a “Window” is always announced in several Swahili and English language news papers, on this website, our Facebook page and on Twitter. With each of these funding facilities, the themes to be addressed and the guidelines for presenting applications, as well as application forms, are made available on this website and can also be collected at our office (see Contacts under Quick Reference for the address).

How to apply for funding?

LSF will issue ‘calls for proposals' or open ‘windows of opportunity' to invite organisations to submit their applications. With each of these facilities the exact guidelines for presenting applications as well as application forms will be made available.

What will be funded?

The LSF may support organizations, which have a strong commitment to improve the quality of legal aid and increase its coverage, both geographically and thematically, and increasingly, organizations involved in legal empowerment and the protection of women’s rights. Presently the LSF works with 40 grantees spread all over Tanzania. Through its grantee partners it is funding the enhancement or setting up of basic paralegal services in 110 districts. In 2014 it is expected that activities in all districts of the country will be funded.
Additionally, work in 24 prisons is undertaken towards reduction of the number of pre-trial detainees, while further development of the national ‘Paralegal Training Manual’ and training of trainers for the paralegal training remains an important area of attention. A number of grantees pilots innovative approaches for legal aid provision, or reducing prison congestion, while a few specialist organizations are involved in legal research, relevant for the enhancement of legal aid.

What is a Window of Opportunity?

A Window of Opportunity is a funding facility that features one theme and that is open for a period of 3 months. Within this period interested organisations can present their proposal at any time. Depending on the number of proposals received evaluation will be undertaken after each month the Window has been open. Funding, therefore, may be available fast (possibly within a month), on condition the panel of expert evaluators considers the proposal sufficiently interesting for funding.