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Call for Proposals for Legal Empowerment Strategies in Mwanza Region


1. Introduction
The Legal Services Facility (LSF) is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) registered Under the NGO Act 2002 as amended in 2019 with registration No:00NGO/R2/00011. Among other mandate of the LSF, it provide grants to Civil Societies Organizations (CSOs) and other partners to support Initiatives that contributes to an Increased Access to Justice for All in particular Women, Girls, boys, Children, men and the vulnerable, including people living with HIV/AIDS in Tanzania. LSF works closely with the government at all levels, development partners, organizations involved in the provision of legal aid, including paralegal services, and other stakeholders.
LSF uses human rights and legal empowerment approach to increase access to justice in the country through paralegals works, engagement with registered Legal Aid Providers (LAPs), other CSOs and Government at all levels. Since the inception of the program, LSF has contributed immensely to the increase of legal aid services throughout the country. LSF has strengthened the capacity of its partners so that they become more effective in providing good quality services to the Tanzanians hence becoming driver of development. Through these initiatives, paralegals have become a key driving force of change of the community.

2. What needs to be addressed?
This call invites proposals for the interventions designed to respond to the Protection of Social-
Economic Rights of Women, Girls and the General Public (urbanites) through legal Empowerment Strategies Under this call, Non-Government organizations (NGO’s) are invited to submit funding application to implement interventions in Mwanza region. The intervention designed should be result oriented, efficient and cost effective and should have a direct contribution in addressing a specific need of the people in the Region through Legal Empowerment approach.
Urban legal empowerment programme approach was designed in line with the understanding that there is solid and complex connection between rapid growth of urbanization and inequality, socio-economical injustices and increased need for access to justice in the community in particular for women.
The urban poor are usually unable to access entitlements and exercise their basic legal rights such as accessing courts and social services, rampant unemployment and exercising their property rights. This can be attributed to lack of proper education. As a result, the urban poor are excluded from the legal discourse, denying them the opportunity to improve their lives and thereby hampering the country’s development.

3. Applicants’ Eligibility
This call for proposal is open the following organizations
1. Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) with its headquarters in Mwanza city
2. The organizations which are not for profit and which have been and are involved in promotion and protection of human rights and women rights, provision of legal aid, (public) legal education, including paralegal services and community mobilisation, engaged in other social and economic empowerments interventions
3. The organization should have a good track record in working with Local Government Authorities, other formal and informal leaders and have functional linkages with other CSOs and stakeholders beyond legal aid providers. In addition, all applicants for this call for proposal must demonstrate that they;
• Are legally established and are compliant to the rules and regulations through which they have registered specifically in Mainland
• Have a solid, transparent and functional governance structure that can be demonstrated during a due diligence process
• Have well established (financial, M&E) management systems, documentation and demonstrable result-based report writing skills
• Have worked as legal aid provider or in any human right filed for at least 3 years or for the same period with social and economic empowerment of women and adolescent girls, whole for both categories’ extensive knowledge of legal empowerment approaches is considered essential and or Advocacy related work on the issues identified
• Have experience with productive relations with local government authorities, other formal and informal leaders, other CSOs, the criminal justice sector and beyond legal aid providers
• Have experience with community mobilisation towards access to justice with the relevant Socio-economic and cultural sensitivity.

4. What will not be considered
The following will not be considered for funding under this call; Credit or loan schemes, Debts and provisions for losses or debts, Purchases of land and buildings, Scholarships, sponsorships and school fees, Cash donations, Political and religious activities and Organisations with LSF grant.

5. How to apply
To assist in the preparation of the proposal,
• LSF have developed an application Dossier for the Proposal preparation which is part of this call for Proposal which is available on our website; www.lsftz.org)
• Application must be submitted in English both in hard copy (one original and two copies) and electronic versions through a flash disk well marked with the name of the applicant organization. Applications via email or other electronic media will not be considered.

6. Deadline and Delivery of the Application
• The deadline for receipt of the proposal is thirty days after the date of the Call (27th April 2020 at 14:00 Hrs.)
• Delivery after the deadline, regardless of the reason, will lead to immediate disqualification.
• Proposals received before the deadline and deemed by LSF to be compliant with the requirements set out in this call will be evaluated.
• All proposals have to be submitted in a sealed envelope by registered mail, courier delivery or hand delivered (a signed and dated letter of receipt will be given to the deliverer) to the address below:
• Completed Applications package submitted in hard copies should be directed to;

Chief Executive Officer,
Legal Services Facility,
Bima Street, Nyati Rd., Mikocheni B,
P. O. Box 31480,
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Physical address for hand delivery, or delivery by private courier service
Chief Executive Officer,
Legal Services Facility,
Bima Street, Nyati Rd., Mikocheni B,
P. O. Box 31480,
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Author: LSF