Crowdfunding Campaign: Support Paralegals and Save lives in Tanzania

on Aug 30,2018

The LSF aims to promote and protect human rights for all, particularly for poor women, children, men and the vulnerable, including people living with HIV/AIDS. It works closely with the government at all levels, other Development Partners, organizations involved in the provision of legal aid, including paralegal services, and other stakeholders.


Paralegals work

The LSF closely works with paralegals, who are volunteers, in 169 districts (94% coverage) and currently we are working with 4,500 paralegals all over the country. The roles of the paralegals are to assist individuals to claim their rights, redress grievances and protect their fundamental human rights. Each paralegal unit has around 20 to 25 paralegals.

Why raise funds?

The LSF is using this crowdfunding platform to solicit funds for the purpose of funding paralegal units to ensure that paralegals are able to deal with various cases to promote human rights in their communities. Through paralegals work, many people in local communities, especially women, have access to justice and in time.

Fausta’s story (click link below) is one of the examples of the wonderful work that paralegals are doing in Tanzania and there is need to support and strengthen their capacity in dealing with more of these problems and see to it that justice is served in a timely manner. 


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