The Legal Services Facility is an independent basket fund registered in 2013 as a Tanzanian non-profit company limited by guarantee, with its headquarters in Dar es Salaam. We strive to increase access to justice for all, in particular for women, through a legal empowerment approach. We channel funding on equal opportunity basis to organizations which promote, provide or support legal aid and paralegal services and work toward empowerment of poor women, children and men.

Through these services, individuals and communities are assisted to ensure that their rights are observed, grievances redressed, disputes resolved and that fundamental human rights are promoted and protected. LSF provides funding for activities toward legal empowerment in all 180 districts of Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar. We closely collaborate with and strive that the government assumes responsibility to regulate and facilitate legal aid provision, including paralegals, which is to be institutionalized and funded.

We directly and indirectly support more than 200 implementing partners which ensure availability and accessibility of affordable and quality legal aid services, legal education and facilitate legal empowerment in the communities they serve.


A Tanzanian society in which all people are equal and have access to justice.


Promote and protect human rights through legal empowerment, increase accessibility of legal services for the poor and vulnerable, in particular for women.

Strategic goal

Increase access to justice for all, in particular for women

Strategic Obectives

  • To increase accessibility of basic legal aid services (paralegal or other forms), in particular for women

  • To increase protection of women’s rights to land, property, safety and security through legal empowerment, in particular of women.

  • To promote that formal and Informal institutions effectively promote legal aid and legal empowerment and protect human rights, including women’s rights.

  • To ensure sustainability of quality legal aid and legal aid providers.